An Update of Sorts

Whoa, hi. It’s been a minute.

It has been a somewhat wild, no-punches-pulled minute in the Betty C UniverseTM. The blog had to flounder for that minute, but it feels like a small price to pay for such charms as sanity and productivity.

First: My roof blew off in January. That was stupid. So, here I am in April, no longer battling the insurance agent who clearly hated me (and probably needs to find love… if only she read my blog, she might learn a thing or two), but still waiting for Spring to stick around long enough to replace the less-than-inspired tarp situation provided by a rather adorable, scruffy and sad-eyed roofer (you’re making it into a book, honey). So help me, I will have an actual roof over my head.

Second: I’ve become a moony loony, lunar loon. Being the dirty gardening gal that I am, I started reading about lunar cycles and planting this year, because cripes I needed something to get me through the long winter and now I might be mildly obsessed with moon cycles and productivity/growth. How does this relate to my writing? Apparently setting goals based on the moon is highly effective for yours truly. How effective? Oh, only FINISHED MY DINGDANG FINAL MANUSCRIPT EDITS IN 5 FRIGGIN DAYS effective. (Disclaimer: I only had 18 [though it did grow to 20] chapters left to edit during that time, and technically I procrastinated the work for 9 days before starting. BUT STILL.) This, dear, is the week of the happy dance.

Third: I’m planning out my next moves like a jackrabbit ninja rockstar supreme power ranger goddess hero megaboss. AKA, I made a spreadsheet. It’s got dates, it’s got names, it’s got email addresses and formatting guidelines. So, basically, all the things. In my next ultra-productive spurt I’m going to be sending out my final draft of my first book to a variety of open submissions, editors and agents looking for Contemporary Romance with RomCom elements. I’m limiting the first round to 8 (my favorite number) and seeing what I see from there.

I’d love to get back to my missed connections and writing reflections, and it’ll likely happen once my house is no longer topless (scandalous) and has been sufficiently exorcised (it’s yard sale season, honey, and it’s going to be a good one). In the meantime, I hope your days are full of sunbeams, good books and hand holding.

Yours Truly,
Betty C

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