What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Hello honey,

Am I going to become one of those bloggers who has to apologize for a length of time between posts every time I finally get back to it? I guess not.

Here’s the skinny. I ended up submitting book one to ten different outlets, because once I got the hang of the work it felt pretty reasonable to tack on two more. So far, I’ve received five rejections and each time it feels a little more natural (side note: in my home, we call checking email “collecting rejections” – i.e., brb, gotta collect some rejections real quick).

A quick note on rejection. I am a deeply sensitive person, but this kind of rejection doesn’t feel personal. It just feels like the entrance fee for the society of storytellers. I would like to ride the ride please, and I’ll take as many rejection letters as it costs.

That being said, waiting makes me twitchy, so I started book two. You heard me, I’m slap chopping my way through the whole writing thing this year. True story, ifwhen I hit my deadlines with book two, I could have book three (historic romance road trip!) drafted as early as December. That seems reasonable.

On the side, what I’d really like to do is take cutesie author pinup photos and daydream about book tours. What I really need to do is give myself a good pinch on the rump to focus on craft work. It’s summer and I know myself when the sun is out. It’s nearly impossible to keep me inside and focused, so class work seems unlikely. Instead I think I might actually read my pile of craft books (but they make such good coasters!). One showed up in the mail just today, so bottoms up and forget all those others that I’ve been ignoring.

TBR (most are started, none are finished):
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Writing the Romantic Comedy by Billy Mernit
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
On Writing by Stephen King

There are more, but that’s about as many as I’m willing to lie about committing to at this juncture. Seriously though folks, I just want to go hiking.

This post feels like a balloon letting the air out and that wasn’t the plan, but I should at least try to put up some new content now and then, because blogger(ish).

I do have one tasty morsel to chew on. I got my first not no yesterday (not yes, either, just a request for more time) and I’m guzzling it down as some tasty jet fuel to keep the creative engines burning. Here’s hoping all my favorites are sipping that same sauce (that not no, hey maybe, everything is always possible sauce). Until I write again, catch me outsidedilligently studying for this career that I am painstakingly working to establish.

Meet cutes and good boots,
Betty C

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